Hello and welcome from the Friends of Saughton Park!  We hope you like this website and find it useful.  To learn a little more please keep on reading!  


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The Friends of Saughton Park


The Friends of Saughton Park came to life in 2014.  One of the founding members of the Friends, Shona,  tells us how the group began.


“In March 2014 I saw a poster in the park asking people to come along and find out what was happening in the park.  I sent a photo of the poster to my sister asking her if she fancied going along to the Winter Garden at the Park.


Saughton Park is the park of our childhood and we have fond memories of the putting green, play park (with very high chute), Punch and Judy shows, the bandstand and the concrete paddling pool which lead to many a skint knee!

So we came along to the meeting to 'find out more'. The council had not long started work on their Heritage Lottery fund bid and we met a council development officer called Pete McDougall (Pete the Park) and, swept up by his enthusiasm and vision for the park that we love, we signed up.

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That was the beginning of the Friends of Saughton Park (FoSP), our role is to support and promote the Park.  We put on family friendly events each quarter and our teddy bear hunt, Pete's Ghost stories and our home baking are now legendary.  It is important to us that these are free or low cost events that everyone can come and enjoy.”


Our Friends group is made up of other more focused groups, if you have specific interests and would like to learn new skills and meet new friends, one of the below may be of interest to you! 



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History Group:  also know as 'stones and stories' - did you know that in 1908 the Scottish National Exhibition was held at Saughton Park? That is just a tiny bit of the history of the Park and surrounding area. Find out more about the history of the park here

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Physic Gardeners:  also know as 'lotions and potions' group -they designed and planted the new physic garden.  The garden is made up of 17 raised beds which relate to different parts of the body so the plants within a particular bed will have medicinal properties relating to a particular part of the body. Find out more about the physic garden here.

Orchard Group:  also know as 'the fruit and nut' group - so far they have planted a trained fruit orchard within the walls of the garden and again they are responsible for the maintenance of this.  There are also plans for a Wild Orchard in the park! Find out more about the orchards in the park here.


Wildlife Group: also know as 'the birds and the bees' group - if you are interested in  wildlife, conservation, sustainability and biodiversity then pop along to Saughton Park! We’ve seen Otters, Kingfishers and lots more in the park and we will be working to ensure the park is haven for wildlife and nature.  Find out more about the what can be seen in the park here.

SPLAT: Saughton Park Litter Attack Team:  if litter gets on your nerves join us to do something about it! This is a newer group, so more information to follow!

These groups are open to all; none of us are experts, we are just genuinely interested in these things and to be honest some of us didn't know we were interested until we took a deep breath, joined in and were carried along by the enthusiasm of others.   New talents,  skills and passions have been found and friendships forged along the way.

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Get Involved with Us!


FoSP has gone from 7 people turning up at that first meeting to over 160 members - membership is £2.00 per family forever and you can be the first to hear about what is happening at the park. We meet on the first Thursday of every month in the park with meeting details posted on our blog. Feel free to pop along and see us, you can be sure of a warm welcome!

Some information on our role in the restoration project can be found here and have a look at our Gallery page to see photos of all our activities and events.  To keep up to date with our latest news, news about the park and upcoming events, please see our News & Events page

All in all, Saughton Park is a great place to meet a friend or make a friend! We hope to see you at the park soon!