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Bird Life at Saughton Park

It's getting closer to our first event of the year! We need your help on the 26th of January between 2 and 3 pm to spot and record all the birds and wildlife we can find in Saughton Park!  We hope to see you there!

Do you know several species visit the park to forage for food and to nest?  Saughton Park is a wonderful place to spot birds all year round. In December we had some wintering Waxwings which may have come all the way from Scandinavia!

One our most regular visitors is the Grey Heron, often spotted at the weir at Fords Road.  With its long legs and beak and its mixture of grey, black and white feathering it’s hard to miss!

The magnificent Kingfisher always creates excitement when its seen flying low and fast over the river.  Sometimes all that can be seen is a flash of blue and orange as it whizzes by!  See if you spot it when you are next in the catch a photo of this beautiful bird.  If you do, please share with the Friends on Facebook and Twitter!

The RSPB website has a handy bird identifier tool to help you name what you see, find it here

See below for the names of more birds spotted in Saughton Park. What will you spot during your next visit?


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