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Certified Permaculture Course

Would this be of interest to anyone in the Saughton Park Fruit and Nut group?

Great opportunity for anyone wanting to get qualified and to have a good grounding in Permaculture. The course and design element could help develop FOSP ideas on the wild orchard area.

If we don't find anyone in the Fruit and Nut group, we can perhaps offer this opportunity to the wider Saughton Park Friends community?



The Edinburgh PDC 2018 venue is now confirmed! We'll be based at the newly renovated Bridgend Farmhouse on Dalkeith Road, South Edinburgh EH16 4TD.

The farmhouse is a community owned centre, and is next to the Bridgend Growing Community allotments.

Dates for the 2018 Edinburgh course are :

Module 1/Intro weekend – 20th and 21st Jan (Based at Bridgend Farmhouse, Edinburgh)

Module 2 – 3rd and 4th Feb (Based at Bridgend Farmhouse, Edinburgh)

Module 3 – 3rd and 4th March (Based at Bridgend Farmhouse, Edinburgh)

Module 4 – 7th and 8th April (Based at Briodgend Farmhouse, Edinburgh)

Module 5 – 5th and 6th May (Based at Leadburn)

Module 6 – 2nd and 3rd June (Based at Leadburn)

Please read the course info document Edinburgh PDC course info 2018 before booking on the course using This form.

It’s possible to just attend the intro weekend if you’re not ready to do the full course. Just use the same booking form above.



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