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Disco Soup 25 March 2017

We would like to invite you to attend our next DISCO SOUP on 25th March!

Brought to you by Food Sharing Edinburgh, Disco Soup is all about reducing food waste to a disco groove - come chop, come chomp and let the beat drop!

Join us at Saughton Winter Gardens between 12 pm and 6 pm on Saturday 25th March to enjoy free soup, live music and workshops.

We’ll be serving up soup lovingly prepared from discarded vegetables, alongside some groooovy tunes and entertaining workshops about food waste and sustainable food. The Disco Soup movement has swept across the world since its creation in 2012. The aim is to raise awareness of the dire need to reinvent our methods of production, distribution and consumption of food, whilst bringing the community together to party!

Disco Soup operates on free exchange basis, it is open to all and allows people to share the pleasure of cooking and eating together!

Families, bring your kids! Students, bring your friends! We open heartedly welcome refugees that have moved into our area and our city.

Bring your knives and chopping boards and spices and bowls for drinking delicious soup... and don't forget your tupperware for leftovers!

Disco Soup is open to all to get involved. Please email or come along to a meeting at the Shrub Co-op (every Monday at 6pm) if you would like to help provide a workshop, collect discarded food, organise or play music or just muck in on the day.



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