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Festival Madness 21 August 2016

Friends of Saughton Park is hosting an Escape from the Festival Madness day in the park on 21 August.  

Balgreen Primary school will be hosting a fare which will include face painting, various activities for the kids and hot dog stand.  

The memory Association will have a recording studio where you can record your memories of the park.  They will also have a scanner to scan all you wonderful photographs from the past.  Please bring your photos and share your memories of the park.

There will be live music so bring your picnic, blanket and/or chair and enjoy the festivities in your local park.

Friends of Saughton Park will be setting up from 9 a.m. on Sunday morning please come and support us to make this another memorable day in Saughton Park.

We also need volunteers to assist on the cake table selling tea, coffee and cakes.   Look forward to seeing you on Sunday 21 August from 12 to 4.00 pm!!!!



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