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Gardens & Orchards


Saughton Park is renowned for its gardens and green spaces.

Find out more about each of the gardens and orchards in the park.

A brief history of Saughton Park

The earliest record of parkland and gardens in the Saughton area is the Saughtonhall Mansion estate in 1128. Since then this land  has seen a number of forms and uses from "horticultural therapy" for patients of the Saughtonhall lunatic asylum, to hosting the Scottish National exhibition in 1908, to growing onions to support the World War 2 "Dig for Victory" campaign, to re-creation of the rose garden in the 1960s and creation of the Winter Garden in 1984, and the more recent Restoration Project in 2017-2018.


For more detail about the history of the Park please visit the Friends History Group pages.



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