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Community Garden

Summer arrived and the weather warmed up and finally the plants could be transferred from the hot house to the garden.  Volunteers at the community garden have been doing a great job planting fruit and vegetables.  Last year we successfully grew a variety of vegetables - particularly successful were the strawberries and swiss chard. This year we've expanded the fruit bushes with red currant, white currant, blueberry and cranberry and vegetables with potatoes, onion, red cabbage, rocket, curled kale, lettuce, peas, mangetout, tomatoes, garlic  and courgettes.  Some were bought as seedlings (and grown on in the greenhouse) and others planted in situ from seed.  

We've also planted some borage and cosmos flowers to encourage pollination.

The gardens are looking great and all volunteers are welcome to join Kirsten, Lynn and Rona. With all the extra varieties we will need assistance with weeding, planting and harvesting.  All volunteers welcome. Just get in touch or join us at the gardens.



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