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Micro Hydro at Saughton Park

The Micro Hydro works begin this week in Saughton Park. The project involves the installation of a 38kW Reverse Archimedes Screw hydro scheme.

This will complete a fully integrated green energy system within Saughton Park, consisting of the hydro and two ground source heating installations which will work together to prevent over 90 tonnes of CO2 being pumped in to the atmosphere each year and generate enough energy to power the whole park.

Concerns have been raised regarding any potential disruption to the wildlife in the area of the micro hydro compound. The project has been given full planning consent and has the necessary SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) licence and SNH (Scottish National Heritage) licence. There is an otter protection zone for the site as part of the planning consent and the SNH Licence.

Prior to the start of construction all of the trees within the site boundary have been surveyed by an independent ecologist to check for nesting birds. Consequently, one elm scheduled to be felled has been retained until August due to one nest with eggs being present. An ecologist will continue to monitor the site throughout the duration of the project,

The construction area will require a diversion route around the compound while work progresses and the Water of Leith walkway will follow this diversion until November. Walkers and cyclists will still have access to this part of the park and the Water of Leith viewpoint, please see the map below.



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