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Saughton Park Living Memory Project

As part of the exciting Saughton Park Renovation Project, Edinburgh charity the Living Memory Association ( is working with volunteers to uncover more of the social history of the Park and they would love to get you all involved!


They are looking for:

  • Volunteers who have memories of the park and would be happy to be interviewed

  • Perhaps you remember performances at the bandstand, Sunday School picnics, and sports days, or playing in the paddling pools or on the monkey swings! We’d love to hear stories from recent years as well as memories stretching back decades.

  • Volunteers to do research and carry out interviews with people about their memories of the park

You will receive training in reminiscence/interview skills and recording equipment will be provided.

As a volunteer you will play an important role in this project, creating a people’s archive, as well as helping restore Saughton Park to its former glory and making it an even greater community resource.

If you are interested in volunteering or have memories to share (or know of someone who does), please email (please put Saughton Park in the subject line) or phone Rosalind on 07708 799018.

Over the next few months we will record oral histories and carry out research. Material gathered will then be used in various ways, including artwork, interpretation panels and publications.

Happy reminiscing!




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