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Saughton Playground for All

“Our ‘Saughton Playground for All’ project will create a unique destination playground in Saughton Park, one of Edinburgh’s Heritage Premier Parks, which is currently undergoing a major restoration. This has presented us with a unique opportunity to develop an already popular playground into something exceptional.


The project will deliver new paths to enable wheelchairs users and those with restricted mobility to move around and access the new play equipment which will be suitable for children of all abilities and ages including those in wheelchairs. Integrating the play space with the natural environment will provide a more exciting play area where children can use their imagination to create their own adventures. Sensory musical equipment will create ways for children to play together regardless of their level of ability, and together with a new sensory Playground Garden filled with flowers will help to turn the playground into a place for all children to play together, have fun and share experiences.” 

Please see the results on the Play survey at his link:  Saughton Park Play Park Results



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