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Today at the Park

A gorgeous May day in the park meant a leisurely stroll around this afternoon to take some photos of the recently re-opened areas. 

The newly installed gym equipment was in use, one gent was rollerblading and folk were dotted about enjoying the sun.

A pit stop at one of the new benches led to a quick chat with sisters in law Mrs Helen Grant and Mrs Elaine Grant about the restoration project and their memories of the old paddling pool that was once in the park.

Both ladies are looking forward to when the café opens as well as the prospect of live music at the bandstand!

Speaking of which, the bandstand is coming along beautifully, this photo was taken from

Gorgie Road where you can see the elegant structure framed by the trees. 

The Bandstand Saughton Park 2018 - Charlotte Fox

The bridge at Balgreen looked fantastic in the sunlight.  Although this is one of the places to see them, there was no sign of the resident otters this afternoon.  They were likely being sensible and keeping cool in one of their resting up spots along the Water of Leith.

It is great to walk around Saughton Park on a day like today and see the community enjoying their park.  With more to come for the park as the restoration project continues to progress, let’s hope the weather stays so lovely!



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