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Tree Works to Begin

The master plan proposals for Saughton Park include various tree works and some of this is scheduled to be carried out over the next year.  

We are about to commence tree works in Saughton Park as part of the HLF Restoration Project in preparation for the main construction works which are due to commence in 2017.  The planned tree works have been informed by a tree survey carried out during the development phase of the project, consultation with the Council’s Forestry Team and consideration of the wider master plan proposals for the park.

The following procedures will be carried out over the next year:

  • Tree surgery and maintenance of trees which are to be retained, for example lifting the crown to let in more light and removal of dead branches;

  • Removal of trees which are dangerous, diseased, dying or in poor condition and trees which are overcrowded;

  • Removal of trees which inhibit or impact upon the landscape master plan, for example where they block the way of a new path or feature.  This includes a small section of young trees and saplings on the edge of the sport pitches which inhibit the realignment of pitches and enlargement of the playground.

​In due course, a similar number of new trees will be planted to replace those removed and in other areas new trees, including fruiting trees, will be planted which will benefit wildlife, the community and the wider design for the park. 

Also planned is works to open up a few of the shrub beds to benefit other plants which are being shaded out or to make space for new planting schemes.  In most instances, this will have the added benefit of opening up ‘hiding spaces’ which are frequently associated with anti-social behaviour within the walled garden.

Trees and shrubs marked with an orange cross are scheduled for removal and those marked with an orange dot are scheduled for maintenance works only.  These works will be carried out by the Council’s Forestry Team.

If you have any questions about this please contact:

Pete McDougall

Saughton Park Development Officer


Parks, Greenspace and Cemeteries

0131 529 4876


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