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Our Groups

The Friends enjoy working together in various activities across the park and are welcome to join any of our specialist groups. These groups are open to all; none of us are experts, we are just genuinely interested in these things and to be honest some of us didn't know we were interested until we took a deep breath, joined in and were carried along by the enthusiasm of others.   New talents,  skills and passions have been found and friendships forged along the way For more information about any of our groups, click the picture. 

If you don't see an activity here and would like to set up a new group let us know!

Activities include planning, planting and maintenance of the Wild Orchard and maintaining the trained trees in the formal orchard.


Researches the history of the park and the surrounding area.


Come along with your craft projects or just to chat. Every Monday at 1.30pm in the conservatory.


In the Nature Group we aim to  share our knowledge and skills to  observe, identify, help investigate and conserve all forms of life that live in or visit our park.

IMG_20190706_110749607_HDR (1).jpg

Meet once a week during summer to maintain the garden and explore their medicinal properties.

Trash Picking

Saughton Park Litter Action Team - we meet up monthly to keep the park clean as a social activity,

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